Company Overview

Satisfied Customers in Multiple Sectors

AirTrav Inc. provides exceptional commercial, financial, operational and regulatory guidance to airlines, airports, energy transmission firms, governments, GSA's, industry trade associations, loyalty management firms, real estate developers, regulatory agencies, tour operators, trade missions, and travel agents.

AirTrav also extends due diligence and research to banks, investment companies and law firms on a variety of matters in the aviation sector including bankruptcies, governance, investment, litigation, and merger and acquisition deals. AirTrav has also been retained to act as an expert witness, produce expert reports, and be subjected to the deposition process in a class action lawsuit.

Customer First Solutions

AirTrav Inc. provides direction its clientsStrategic visionaries believe companies must now pursue niche market segments with disciplined focus to find success. AirTrav's value proposition supports this, by listening to customer needs and delivering objective, relevant services at affordable prices.

Thoroughly understanding customer needs is the critical starting point for AirTrav projects. We carefully research industry environments, advising customers on their market position and expected moves from competitors and suppliers.

Through our collaborative approach, we involve customers at every stage of the process. By soliciting ongoing feedback, we facilitate customer buy-in to a final solution they see as their own.

Rapid Industry Transformation

Under the weight of a fiercely competitive and economically challenging environment, the airline and travel sectors have undergone rapid transformation over the past 20 years. Many established ways of doing business are no longer valid and profit margins are under increasing pressure.

Required incremental and revolutionary changes continue to transform the industry's economic model in support of a stable, viable industry over the long-term.

AirTrav was established to address the need for quick-to-market, high value expertise and the delivery of practical solutions for all client types.

Experienced Leadership

AirTrav's closely targeted support comes from senior professionals who bring extensive multi-sector, international expertise to our customers, acquired from direct corporate roles and through complex management consulting assignments.

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